In a world full of social media influencers, it’s hard for young people to formulate their own views and ideas – let alone develop unbiased and healthy ones.  With the likes of Andrew Tate consistently brainwashing children into extremist ideologies, it’s important now more than ever to ensure that young people are being positively influenced
Two subjects that may seem completely different at first glance. Numbers and art? Surely they can’t be related. Well, the links between creative arts and maths are clear in the new Scottish education guidance… This guidance is proving popular – as it aims to help teachers build links between numeracy and the arts.  Expression and creativity
At Milk Education, we’re on a mission to make a difference and drive wellness, diversity and safety awareness into the education sector… through our Make Life Kind Movement.  And we’re constantly growing! Our team of incredible School Speakers AKA Milkfluencers is expanding day by day… with an aim to cover all stigmatised and important topics
We spend so much time focusing on others in our work, or in our personal lives… that we often forget to fill our own cup! Focusing on yourself should be your first priority! It helps you to manage your own mental health and wellbeing, and support others in the best way possible.   Educators… Do
It’s Children’s Mental Health Week from the 6th February – 12th February. Teachers… do you talk about mental health & wellbeing in your school? Supporting mental health – specifically in children – should be a focus for schools… not just this Children’s Mental Health Week! Mental health support is not a need, it is a must in
Homophobia in sports, and especially football, is often a topic of conversation. But the news is filled at the moment with talk of the FA banning an old football chant – known as ‘rent boy’. The FA (The Football Association) have informed all clubs that it considers this chant to be a breach of the
Education is essential – especially when it comes to social issues.   The myths about trans inclusion that we’ll be busting in today’s blog include…   As an educator, you have the power and influence to help change the narrative around LGBTQ2+ stigmas and encourage open and honest conversations with students.   Let’s fight stigmas and
Are you focused on your mission for 2023? Do your students and staff know the school values and 2023 goals? One of the key things for a successful school is having a strong mission and even stronger values. Your school values are the pillars of the educational environment! Your values should drive everything you and
Do you talk about mental health with your students? Do you know if any of your students are Neurodiverse? Do they have a young positive ‘influencer’ to look up to? Why is it important to speak about Neurodiversity? It is thought that up to 15% of the population are thought to be neurodiverse. The remaining majority are neurotypical.
Do you students have someone to look up to? Someone to inspire them? Do you want to focus on the power of sports and resilience for young people? Looking for a positive ‘influencer’ with a ‘celebrity status’? Book Jordan... Why is sport so important for young people? Building positive attitudes to sport and physical activity