Children's mental health
It’s Children’s Mental Health Week. What are we doing about it? This blog will outline how we support young people’s mental health through our positive influencers – ambassadors that go into schools to fight stigmas and tackle important topics. We wanted to shout out about our mental health advocates today for Children’s Mental Health Week,
“Not all heroes wear capes – some inspire the minds of the future to shape a happier world for everyone”  Our diversity and wellness ambassadors are fighting stigmas and taking the UK education sector by storm… ‘Meet the Milkfluencers: The real-life superheroes inspiring schools in Manchester to be kind, courageous and resilient’ Read all about
LGBT+ History Month
Celebrating LGBTQ2+ identities in school is so important for inclusivity! Our LGBTQ2+ ambassador, Charlie Butcher, is an ideal mentor for students and educator for teachers. Charlie’s sessions can help: Young people within the LGBTQ2+ community Teachers that could benefit from training Students who have been victim to bullying/the bullies “We have not achieved equality until
Jamie pilling youth violence ambassador
Bullying and youth violence in schools – what do we know and what can we do to help? Sure, it’s hard talking to your child about knives. Not as hard as never talking to him again. Home Office Young people can be bullied into a life of crime, or may be turning to knives and other
Bryon’s life is dedicated to stopping knife crime in the UK, after his own brother was murdered in 2014. Bringing anti-knife crime talks to schools across the UK… Described as the most powerful and hard-hitting knife crime and child protection talks, Byron has delivered his message on BBC and ITV, and also works alongside the
Alyx Steele
Dance can be the creative outlet that pupils need! Our new dance & choreographer influencer, Alyx Steele, is the one to book to bring dance, wellbeing and positivity into your school. Alyx is a dance teacher, professional dancer, choreographer to the stars, and motivational speaker… Our Milk Influencers AKA Milkfluencers, are passionate about bringing wellness
Loti top tips to be an anti-racist school
Black Caribbean children are 3.5 times more likely to be excluded from school than all other children at primary, secondary and SEN schools Barnados, 2020 Introducing Loti Nambombe… Loti is our Diversity and Inclusion school ambassador and Milkfluencer here at Milk. Helping schools to implement anti-racist strategies… Loti helped Duckmanton Primary School become officially anti-racist.
“The office you’ll wish you worked in”. Our wellbeing-focused office has been Featured in the Liverpool Echo again, and here’s why…  With our brand new office in Liverpool, our wellbeing dogs and the dancefloor are hitting the headlines. Being a dog-friendly office with 3 rescue dogs in Liverpool (5 in total!), we want to support employee
Milk Education team with Loti
How to make your school anti-racist and promote diversity… Partner with us at Milk Education, to help combat hate, and celebrate diversity in the classroom to continue to move towards a world of equality.  Read all about our diversity ambassador Loti here: Milk Education | Milkfluencer Loti | Supply Agency ( Our diversity and inclusion
Mental Health Awareness Month
This month’s focus at Milk Education is on mental health and stress awareness, and as an education recruitment agency that supports health and wellbeing all year round – we wanted to outline what we can offer to help! Our aim is to support teachers, teaching assistants, support staff, and schools in general to raise awareness