Did you see our FREE mental health session that we’re running? Get all of the information here… Last week, our teams across our offices were busy getting their MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) training so they can not only support our people internally… but also our amazing teachers, teaching assistants, support staff, and beyond! Mental
46% of teachers said that pressures on their mental health and wellbeing have caused them to consider leaving the profession Education Support Are you an educator that would benefit from mental health support? Or are you interested to know how to help students with their mental health?  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR OUR FREE MENTAL
Why should you go into a career in teaching? Rewarding Varied Flexible Prospects Learning Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of teaching… 1. Teaching is a rewarding job You get to inspire young minds all day! Let’s make a difference in the community.  At Milk Education, we are on a mission to
Our new office has been revealed and it’s doors are open! Operating out of the Leeming Building, in the business centre of Leeds, Milk Education marks its 6th office expansion. With Leeds being home to: The prestigious Harewood House The wonderfully green Roundhay Park The fascinating Royal Armouries …it’s safe to say we couldn’t have
Kema Kay Newcastle school speaker
You might have seen Kema Kay on the recent BBC documentary ‘We are England’ – exploring how immigration and race impacted his identity and sense of home in Newcastle… Watch the clip here… https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m00166r4/we-are-england-my-hometown-kema-kay-my-hometownvvvvv We are partnering with Kema to fight racism in Newcastle schools and help young people achieve their dreams, opening their eyes
New Milkfluencer Freya Levy
Freya Levy, aspiring Paralympian and true inspiration, has just signed her Milkfluencer contract and is ready to get into schools to raise awareness and fight stigmas surrounding disability and sport! Without sport I don’t know what I would be doing today, it enabled me to go to University and compete for my country. Before sport
Our new office location has been revealed… and we’re making our mark in the city of Hull!  Hull’s got… The Humber Bridge  White telephone boxes The smallest window in England Connections to Phillip Larkin… But what doesn’t it have? A deliberately different education recruitment agency with a focus on enriching lives in schools and the
Children's mental health
It’s Children’s Mental Health Week. What are we doing about it? This blog will outline how we support young people’s mental health through our positive influencers – ambassadors that go into schools to fight stigmas and tackle important topics. We wanted to shout out about our mental health advocates today for Children’s Mental Health Week,
“Not all heroes wear capes – some inspire the minds of the future to shape a happier world for everyone”  Our diversity and wellness ambassadors are fighting stigmas and taking the UK education sector by storm… ‘Meet the Milkfluencers: The real-life superheroes inspiring schools in Manchester to be kind, courageous and resilient’ Read all about
LGBT+ History Month
Celebrating LGBTQ2+ identities in school is so important for inclusivity! Our LGBTQ2+ ambassador, Charlie Butcher, is an ideal mentor for students and educator for teachers. Charlie’s sessions can help: Young people within the LGBTQ2+ community Teachers that could benefit from training Students who have been victim to bullying/the bullies “We have not achieved equality until