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  • Diversity
  • Wellbeing
  • Anti Stigma
  • Anti Bullying
  • Adversity

About Make Life Kind

Our Make Life Kind movement was founded in 2021 in response to the mental health pandemic, following the COVID-19 lockdowns.​

Through our supply agency Milk Education, we were in conversations with our teachers who were not only struggling with their own mental health - but noticing how the pandemic was impacting young people too.

The increase in youth mental health problems was also linked to online bullying, lack of diversity awareness, and the negative impact of the social media ‘influencer’. This is where our positive ‘Milkfluencer’ was born… a direct positive reaction to the media.

And now?

We are delivering inspiring school speakers (Milkfluencers) that drive wellness, diversity and safety awareness into schools and local communities… And in the process of becoming a charity!

What started as a solely mental health focused group, has developed into the Make Life Kind movement as we know now… covering a wide range of stigmatised topics in education, such as:

  • Knife Crime / Drug Crime
  • Racism
  • LGBTQ2+ / Identity
  • Neurodiversity (ADHD/AUTISM/OCD)
  • Mental Health
  • Disabilities
  • Grief & Trauma
  • Creative careers
  • Diversity & Inclusion

And much more!

Our Purpose

To continue to tackle stigma, and educate on diversity and inclusion on a wider scale.​

Our Vision

To add modern value in our communities, making a safer more inclusive world. With a focus on educating the next generations, where it begins at School. ​

Our Values

  • Strength
  • Resilience
  • Love
  • Kindness
  • Equality
  • Inclusion

Who can be a part of this?

Join the movement ​

Be a part of our community for change to put a stop to stigma bullying and reduce violence. Our culture is to be a community for change with a bold message to make life kind for all. Be the power for change. Be an MLK ICON.

First step, keep in touch via Instagram & TikTok - watch this space for our newsletter & merchandise line, coming soon!

Our Achievements

We have already educated and inspired over 50,000 pupils in the last 12 months alone.​​​​​​

Our Goal

To make life kinder, and reduce bullying in our local schools and communities


The ‘Make Life Kind’ Podcast was created to drive wellness & diversity into the education sector… and is a way for people to get to know our Milkfluencers!

Meet Our



Byron has dedicated his life to stopping knife crime in the UK, after his own brother was murdered in 2014. Byron uses his pain and PTSD to educate others on the cause, dangers, and aftermath of knife crime – working alongside the police.

Alyx Steele

Wellbeing & Choreography Queen

Alyx is a Liverpool-born dancer, choreographer, and life coach - passionate about challenging boundaries and inspiring young people. Being a gay woman in a creative industry - Alyx is passionate about being your true and authentic self.

Loti Nambombe


Loti is dedicated to helping schools gain their anti-racism status. He offers workshops around diversity, and inclusion, as well as mental health, wellbeing, and neurodiversity. He has faced many personal challenges surrounding diversity throughout his life, specifically racism.

Kema Kay


Moving to Newcastle from Zambia at just 3 years old, Kema has always struggled with his identity and has often been the victim of racist abuse. Due to this experience, he wants to tackle diversity and inclusion in schools and help young people achieve their dreams and open their eyes to opportunity.

Keira Forsythe

Disability & Taekwondo Champion

Keira is a 25 year old Amputee & Training Paralympian with a mission to remove the stigma surrounding disability. After 7 years of medical mystery, she was told that the damage from her ‘freak accident’ was beyond repair, which ultimately led to an arm amputation.

Charlie Butcher


Charlie bravely transitioned whilst he was in secondary school. Having been through his journey at a young age, he understands the complex relationship between LGBTQ2+ matters and mental health and wants to erase the stigma in the younger generations about people within the LGBTQ+ community.

Hermen Dange


Hermen uses his personal experiences to show the reality of gang culture from school, to prison, to completely rebuilding his life at 28. He offers talks and workshops which focus on educating young people about the causes and consequences of drug crime.

Freya Levy

Wheelchair Sports Champion

In 2010, Freya was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy, a disease that causes weakness and loss of muscle mass. Faced with the challenges of living with a disability, Freya had to find a new focus, a new sport - and that’s what she came across Wheelchair Basketball.

Jordan Thomas

World & European Karate Champion

Jordan is a former World and European Karate Champion who was a Great Britain Olympic hopeful on the lead up to the Tokyo 2020 Games. His mission is to inspire young people to be limitless, and to fight racism in sports and schools.

Ben Davie

Fitness, Mindset & SEN Coach

Ben is a fitness coach, who specialises in inclusivity, and actively works to inspire young people to get themselves out of their comfort zones - building resilience and a positive mindset. Fitness should be for everyone, and ben is passionate about creating a safe and fun environment focusing on: wellbeing, mindset and motivation.

Christine Clark


As a Mental Health First Aid Trainer, Christine is experienced in coaching young people and staff on wellbeing and dealing with their own/others mental health. Christine’s training portfolio spans psychological resilience and wellbeing to crisis intervention with 20 years’ experience in the education and business sector.

Thomas Minns


Professional Rugby player, Thomas Minns is best known for playing for Leeds Rhinos, London Broncos, Featherstone Rovers and Hull Kingston Rovers. Thomas struggled with depression through his career, and now aims to fight stigmas around men’s mental health and sports.



Carrie’s beauty career is one to marvel at! Spanning over 20 years, her career has taken her across the globe working with celebrities such as Pink, Gok Wan, Fearne Cotton & Olly Murs. Her work has been published in Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Tatler Magazines.

Muhammad (Abz) Abby


Abz is our ambassador for ADHD, Autism, Bipolar, and Anxiety to raise awareness and encourage young people to be their best and authentic self. Abz won The Highly Commended Most Promising Young Person (Rising Star Award) at The Manchester Young Talent Awards in 2021.

Marcell Edwards

Employability & Diversity Coach

As the Global Talent Acquisition & Diversity Inclusion Lead at Adidas, Marcell is passionate about driving diversity education into sports, and beyond - as well as inspiring young people to achieve their dreams. Marcell can deliver both career, employability coaching, and advice for students, and can help build diversity and inclusion strategy in schools too.

Oly Newton

Mental health educator & ocd advocate

Oly has dedicated the last 6 years of his life to supporting people experiencing poor mental health. Using his own lived experience with OCD, ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression… He’s on a mission to educate, support, and raise awareness on Youth Mental Health, and “be the person he really needed when he was younger.”

Figen Murray MBE

Our Anti-terrorism & Radicalisation Speaker

After losing her son Martyn Hett in the Manchester Arena Terrorist attack in 2017, Figen has dedicated her life and work to educating young people and young adults about the dangers of online radicalisation and terrorism, and the impact it has on families. With a Masters qualification in Counter-terroism, and her lived experience - Figen delivers emotive and powerful sessions that truly make an impact.

Jack Hunter-Spivey

Our Paralympic Medallist & Comedian

Born with cerebral palsy, Jack was blind and deaf for the first 9 months of his life. Now, he’s a Table Tennis Commonwealth Champion, Paralympian, and stand-up comedian who has overcome extreme physical, mental and socioeconomic barriers to achieve his dreams of sporting greatness. He is passionate about encouraging young people that they can chase their goals, no matter their background, challenges or circumstances.

Evie Woerdenweber

Our Online Bullying Advocate & Gogglebox Star

Receiving death threats from the age of 7, Evie has grown up with bullying as a key theme in her life. When she rose to reality-tv-show-fame in 2013, with a slot on Gogglebox, the bullying only escalated. Leaving the tv world in 2019… Evie’s sessions aim to educate, challenge and prevent offline & online bullying, fight stigmas around mental health, and raise awareness around the different behaviours around gaming and social media.


Our Rapper & Mental Health Activist

Known initially for his part in rap group Marvell, Shocka is now a successful rapper, poet, TED talk speaker, self love advocate, and mental health activist, on a mission to show the truth behind mental health illnesses and help young people thrive. In 2011, he was battling periods of depression, leading to him being sectioned four times… until he discovered the healing power of self love, his purpose and his passion for music once again.

Tino Tap

Our Entrepreneur Coach & Music Manager

Tino’s life snowballed into crime after suddenly losing his job - he needed money fast and didn’t see another way out. After ending up in prison, he turned his life around and followed his dreams of music management. From a really dark place, to now reformed and ready to use his experience to educate and inspire young people into opportunity - Tino is on a mission to fight stigmas and raise awareness.

Soph Hughes

Our Body Positivity & Self Love Queen

Modelling from the age of 15, Sophie grew up normalising her complicated relationship with body image and food. After 10 years in the industry, she put her career on hold to donate her liver to save her nephew’s life - her body completely changed, with weight gain and a 7-inch scar. Now a popular Instagram influencer, plus size model and body positivity advocate, she is passionate about helping young people focus on self-love & their uniqueness.


Burnley Football Club

What ​Burnley Football Club FC in the Community ​Said...

We're Partnering with Milk Education & MLK to better our Kicks programme as a whole but give us the opportunity to host amazing people with impactful and powerful story to enhance our participants lives. After welcoming Byron to our sessions on several occasions to deliver, not only a knife crime workshop, but the best and most hard-hitting knife crime workshop I have ever seen. I could not recommend him and more.

Kiera has also delivered at our sessions and would have her back in a heartbeat. My plan isn't to just use the influencers once, my idea behind the partnership with Milk Education is to provide a long-lasting partnership to better the community of Burnley and surrounding area to hopefully raise more awareness in the footballing / youth engagement world to help all the influencers to share their stories with as many young people as possible.

Seaton Sluice First School

– Amanda Bennett, Headteacher

Kema is truly inspiring in every sense of the word.

We listened to Kema's music in class today and created some diversity superhero characters. The children were so interested in the content of Kema's session and clearly wanted to do more of the forum theatre too.

We also invited parents and carers into the session to extend the learning to the wider community. Feedback was fantastic! Without any hesitation, we will be arranging for Kema to return to school. I was thrilled with how inspired the children were.

Byron - St Damians Science College

That was amazingly powerful. Byron’s message was loud and clear, and a powerful message we can give to friends and family. It doesn’t seem quite right to say thank you… but thank you! You can just sense from the room how powerful it was. I am blown away. Byron had perfect timing, he’s great at building trust with the students. We’ve had police in to speak about similar issues, and the students just don’t take it in like they have with this. It has had a real impact and a real effect.

- Mr Burtles (PE Teacher)

Keira Forsythe

– Amberley Primary School

Last week, as part of our Sports Week, we arranged an assembly with one of Milk Education's 'Milkfluencers', Keira Forsyth. Keira is a Taekwondo champion with aspirations to be part of Team GB at the Paris Olympics 2024. She's also an amputee. Keira delivered 2 assemblies for us, slightly tweaked to the age range she was talking to, that were extremely interesting, honest and motivational for both staff and pupils, who hung on her every word. Often 'visitors' to school struggle to pitch talks correctly but this wasn't an issue with Keira who got it just right, was down to earth and able to normalise her disability and provide an outstanding role model for our pupils. We had not used this service from Milk Education before so were unsure what we'd get. Based on this very positive experience, we'll definitely be booking the 'Milkfluencers' again and would strongly recommend Keira to any primary school wanting a sports related assembly/session focusing on overcoming adversity, demonstrating resilience and viewing disability/diversity as a positive.

- Mr Rigg (Headteacher)


  • Why hasn't this been done before?" This is certainly the case with Milk Education's drive to link schools up with influential and inspirational people…

  • My son has autism, he struggles to concentrate.​
    Ben’s session made him the happiest he has been in weeks

  • For the children of our school, it helped shed light on a child in our school who was born without 3 of his limbs - he has a similarly positive outlook on his differences to Keira but isn't often able to articulate this due to speaking a different language.

  • I was really touched by your story and how you overcame problems through sports. You really helped give me the confidence to speak out to other people my age to comfort them and ask if they are okay