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Having struggled with gender identity for most of his life, Charlie bravely transitioned whilst he was in secondary school. Having been through his journey at a young age, he understands the complex relationship between LGBTQ+ matters in relation to mental health and wants to erase the stigma in the younger generations about people within the LGBTQ+ community as well as making those going through the same thing, feel less alienated. Charlie acts as a mentor for students as well as an educator for teachers in how to approach conversations surrounding LGBTQ+ with their students, ensuring that all students have a voice and all teachers have a platform.

As Charlie transitioned throughout late secondary school, he was approached by his teachers asking him to educate them in how they could better support and accommodate him to allow him to feel more comfortable in school. This led to a mentoring position for younger students that were transgender, where Charlie set up an LGBTQ+ safe space for students to meet and ask questions.

Trainer for educators

Motivational Speaker
for Diversity Week


My Name Gave Me The Freedom To Be Myself

" The first time I used my name in public was on my first day of sixth form. I'd decided over the summer I was going to return to the school I'd be at for 5 years, finally as myself. I'd cut my hair short over the summer and started looking into medically transitioning. I remember my whole form class was stood up and we all had to introduce ourselves, most of us knew each other already so I was feeling a bit scared at the thought of reintroducing myself with a new name. When it got to my turn I remember looking over to my close friend in the class and she nodded at me. The second I said "hello my name is Charlie" I didn't feel scared anymore, I just felt relieved. All of a sudden I was free to be myself just by saying MY name."

Charlie's Workshops

Charlie offers a variety of workshops for teachers and students:

Due to the diverse nature of topics surrounding LGBTQ2+, Charlie will run bespoke sessions based on the needs of the school, all his sessions will include a personal insight into his own journey to allow teachers and students to build a rapport with him.

Group/one to one sessions for teachers, focusing on topics including:

  • Setting up safe spaces
  • Making students feel comfortable during their transition
  • Terminologies on sexuality and gender
  • Fighting the prejudice through education
  • Importance of inclusive teaching

Group/one to one sessions for students on topics including:

  • LGBTQ2+ relationships and families
  • LGBTQ2+ experiences in relation to mental health
  • Fighting homophobia and transphobia
  • Coming Out
  • Q&A Session

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