Meet Jamie Pilling

Jamie is dedicated to supporting vulnerable young people change their lives. Due to Jamie’s own personal life experience and overcoming difficulties and turning his life around, he is an extremely passionate individual who is dedicated to enriching and supporting the lives of children and young people to not make the same mistakes. Jamie takes great satisfaction in contributing to their personal, social and educational growth, helping them to reach their full potential.

His wealth of experience includes working at a young offender and care centre - supporting, guiding, and rehabilitating some of the most challenging and vulnerable young people in custody, as well as previous roles as a Youth Violence and Prevention Coordinator and a Youth Engagement Officer. His positive, honest, adaptable, and understanding approach has enabled him to relate to young people and be accepted as a positive role model.

Jamie's Sessions

The aim of Jamie’s workshops is to meet both student and school objectives by following key principles:

Improved Attainment and  Academic Outcomes

Improved  attendance and punctuality

Criteria for personal development section of the Ofsted CIF

Raising the profile of the school in the local community

By creating a bespoke tailored support framework, Jamie ensures that his programmes are highly effective and contribute significantly to the personal development, and ultimately, the reengagement of the most vulnerable and disengaged children. His sessions help to increase self-esteem,  strengthen family and peer relationships, improve school attendance and reduce the risk of encountering harm. He also offers support that focuses on SEMH and the currently unknown and long-term effects of COVID-19. He runs workshops that target and educates pupils around the following topic areas:

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