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Keira is a 23 year old Amputee with a mission to remove the stigma surrounding disability. After 7 years of operations & medical mystery, she was told that the damage from her ‘freak accident’ caused by a Dogs Lead was beyond repair, which ultimately led to an arm amputation just prior to her 21st birthday. She wants to share her story and learnt resilience with Primary, Secondary and Send Schools to help others fighting the same battle and others on how to deal with this in public scenarios. She wants to promote communication & how to ask questions and share stories.

Whilst studying at University, Keira is on a mission to compete in the 2024 Paralympics for Taekwondo which involves training 5 days a week, sticking to healthy diets & motivational sessions and pushing through daily obstacles like the true inspiration she is.

Motivational Speaker

Aspiring Paralympian

Disability Champion

Keira’s Story Workshops

Keira wants to show children what’s truly possible with a disability & how they can focus on positives and setting THEIR OWN limitations. She offers motivational workshops where she tells her story and educates on topics surrounding visible and invisible disabilities. All of her workshops are aimed at students and teachers.

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