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Diversity refers to the great variety of human characteristics—ways that we are different even as we are all human and share more similarities than differences. These differences are an essential part of what enriches humanity. Our Inclusion and Diversity Advocate, Loti, has faced many personal challenges surrounding diversity throughout his life, specifically racism. With personal experience of racism throughout his life, Loti offers workshops which focus on educating young people about the causes and consequences of racism and how it can have a severe impact on people’s mental health and confidence.

Loti aims to empower young people through diversity & inclusion sessions but also as a personal trainer/fitness coach – he aims to run sessions on keeping your body/mind healthy through exercise. He is very passionate about teaching the next generation to be inclusive.

Diversity Speaker and Mental Health Champion

Gym Instructor Level 2

Personal Trainer Level 3

Loti's Sessions

Milk Education has partnered with Loti as his experiences encourage him to celebrate diversity, whilst at the same time acknowledging how we work together to bring change where needed. Loti’s workshops are designed to support schools in combating topics surrounding diversity, using proven and up-to-date methods which fully engage children and young people of all ages. Loti offers a range of workshops surrounding numerous topics including:

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