Are you ‘green’? Do you reuse? Do you recycle? Here at Milk Education, we want to encourage you to be more eco-friendly in your classroom, office, workplace – wherever you are! ‘Reimagine. Recreate. Restore.’  It’s #WorldEnvironmentDay and the focus this year is Ecosystem Restoration. Sounds confusing, but it’s actually quite simple – and is super
This is our day, here at Milk Education! If ever there was a day to celebrate, it’s today right!? Happy #WorldMilkDay people! *Sips oat milk latte* First things first, let’s get to the news! *shuffles papers* At Milk, there’s always something exciting or interesting happening in the office or beyond. If you follow our socials,
Superhero Day is here to remind people all over the world that superheroes can come in any shape, size, or colour, and being one is more about valour of the heart than having actual super-powers.  Superhero Day is the perfect time to let the heroes of this life be identified and celebrated! Our Milkfluencers are

It’s Earth Day 2021!

As the UK’s 1st Eco-Friendly recruitment agency, how do we maintain our internal eco-standards? Within all of our offices, we champion our eco-code in order to maintain an orderly and eco-friendly environment. Single-use water bottles and disposable straws are banned! Instead, we promote the use of reusable water bottles/coffee mugs and provide all of our
Milk Education is celebrating National Pet Day with an exciting announcement! Meet Popcorn, who has just secured a passport & place on the ‘Happy Bus’ from Spain to Milk Education’s HQ in Liverpool! This will be the 3rd Rescue Dog in 3 years that Milk has brought into the Family, and we do not plan
We are excited to announce that we have partnered with local-multi award winning family travel blog writer of Mini Travellers ( Karen Beddow and are launching a competition to give away five brand new copies of her brilliant children’s book ‘Extraordinary Travellers – The Little Museum’, written to educate, inspire and entertain your pupils and
The past few months have been a rollercoaster, but there are ALWAYS silver linings. Milk Education is delighted to announce that we have expanded the Board of Directors with Rachel Pullman being appointed as Commercial Director. Rachel joins our business bringing a wealth of education experience and will add an unbelievable amount of value to
When it first came into popular use, Social Media was a place where friends could share photos, air frustrations, tell jokes, celebrate milestones and make plans. It was largely assumed that anything posted on your profile was private – safe in a space populated only by your friends, family and those close to you. As
World kindness day is celebrated every year on 13th November and is typically a day where participants attempt to make the world a better place by promoting acts of kindness. We’ve been encouraging schools to take part in Kindness Day UK, as just one simple act of kindness can go a long way. So, to

How to Care for your Desk Plant

Owning an office plant can be really fulfilling, and not just because of the benefits that it may bring. The ritual of taking care of your very own living plant every day, and the beautiful aesthetics of having a green space can also bring you lots of excitement at work. Placing a small plant on