Big Brother Watch, the UK civil liberties group has published the results of its latest research that reveals computer software is being used to monitor the internet usage of school pupils in England and Wales without their knowledge in about 1000 schools. The report that has been compiled thanks to the results of Freedom of
As a teacher, we know that you’re almost certainly sick and tired of changes to the curriculum and constantly being told how you should be (or shouldn’t be) teaching things. With each new government seemingly having a new ‘vision’ for education that largely seems to involve changing everything changes sake, it unfortunately leads to some
At Milk Education, we’re at the forefront of teacher recruitment and understand that bringing more people into the profession has been a problem in the UK for a number of years. There have been numerous government campaigns to increase the numbers of graduates coming into the profession and portray teaching as the career it really
That’s what’s being proposed by the Education Policy Institute’s independent commission on children and young people’s mental health. Warning that schools across the UK are finding it a struggle to engage with local health services due to a number of reasons which many of you will have experienced including: Structural changes Confusing geographical boundaries Excessive
Following recent expansion, we have relocated our Liverpool headquarters to a central location in The Plaza on Old Hall Street. Our new 2000 sq. ft. offices are modern and purpose-built with an emphasis on our company’s culture. The main office is chic and contemporary, with room for further expansion and each meeting space has been